Notary Public Services 

In-house and mobile: Since our staff has over 30 years of experience and is fully bilingual, we are able to better explain and identify with our clients; Since we are able to travel to our clients homes or offices, Our clients are able to accomplish many tasks while taking care of important legal documents. For example, important business transaction that required notarization  can be concluded at once.


It is an art and a necessity for business to maintain proper records. They are used  to create financial statements to obtain financing, report to shareholders and prepare guvernamental reports. Nally services is proud to provide efficient services to organize clients books and other business records.


Tax Preparation​


For both personal and businesses. The years of experience and continuous training of our staff, give our clientele the peace of mind of knowing, that the person taking care of their important financial documents is aware of all the new laws and regulations.

​Loan Document Signing


Nally services has many notaries in different areas of Los Angeles County; they all are properly trained as Loan Signing agents and have an extensive knowledge of Loan Documents. Our customers can rest assure that if they contact one of our mobile Notaries they will receive a professional and knowledgeable service.